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When we talk about drippers in reference to irrigation, we indicate a system that allows dosing water drop by drop. The same term can also be used in reference to a sunken structure that is installed on the balconies so as not to allow water to stagnate. In this case we will deal with drippers in a way strictly related to irrigation. Some plant species that require slow and constant irrigation exist both in the agricultural and ornamental fields. For this reason it is very important to evaluate the type of garden that was created before deciding on the irrigation system. This consideration must of course be made only in the case in which the customer himself wishes to personally take care of the construction of the plant because if the works are entrusted to competent persons, they will be the ones to make the best choice in reference to the type of vegetation. The water that is used drop by drop keeps the soil constantly wet, so that the plant's roots can absorb it gradually. It is important to check that the drippers work properly and that therefore each plant receives the right amount of water. Furthermore, it is also important to know the adequate distance to maintain to fix the dripper so that there is not too much water that can cause the plant to rot. Water is an indispensable element for any vegetation. For this reason it is necessary to know how to choose the most suitable model to produce irrigation in the garden or in the garden.


For the water to be distributed very slowly it is necessary to have an adequate irrigation system that has been designed specifically for this function and therefore there are the right accessories to be able to allow it. Furthermore, the dripper in the agricultural field must follow a correct interval, so that the water does not stagnate. To create a dripper for plants in planters you can resort to DIY by spending a really paltry amount. You only need to use a plastic bottle to which a small tube is connected and the water is dispensed drop by drop. It is a system that is often used for indoor plants when one is away for a few days. In the shop it is possible to find drippers that are already ready for use, but it is always up to the customer to choose. As we have seen, there are drippers for indoor plants, for outdoor plants placed inside the pots and for the agricultural sector, in short, it is a method rather used for its validity.

Where to buy

Certainly, making a small system with drippers for houseplants requires very little expense. Costs and commitment are different when it comes to creating a plant for a fairly large area. First of all it is necessary to have minimum capacities so that the system is correctly realized and therefore can guarantee a good functioning. At the points of sale that deal with gardening articles it is possible to find what is necessary for the irrigation system with dripper. Even the DIY stores offer different solutions. The customer who personally builds the plant will certainly have a list of what is essential to buy, so as to be able to realize the plant in less time. Letting yourself be supported by a person skilled in this field allows you to carry out irrigation correctly and above all to adequately distance the drippers. At the time of purchase, if you have doubts about your ability to construct the system, it is better to postpone it or ask the dealer for advice. The Internet is always a valid alternative to the traditional store because directly from home, at any time, it is possible to buy what is needed for gardening. Some sites are rather equipped with all the essential accessories for the creation of an irrigation system with drippers, the choice is aided by a description and a series of photographs. Over time, especially if it is an agricultural plant, this could present some defects. For this reason it is advisable to check that the water comes out of the drippers always adequately, otherwise some spaces in the ground could remain without irrigation. In any case, it is always advisable to make sure that you are always adequately informed before starting the construction of any kind of irrigation system so that it can work perfectly, and if you have little time available, it is preferable to entrust the work to competent persons.

Drippers: irrigation system: drippers

Drippers are very important in an irrigation system, because they calibrate the water jets and can also be directed in many directions. They are essential for the life of the garden for a number of reasons, the most important of these, it turns out to be the fact that they fully simulate the rain, so as to be able to water both the plants and the flowers in the best way. They can be bought both in specialized shops, where there are people who are experts and can suggest you about your needs. It is also important to know that for these types of objects it is very easy to install a dripper and exploit its usefulness.


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