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Design an irrigation system

Design an irrigation system

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All the plants present in a garden, although with different needs, need to be watered. When creating a garden, the choice of plants is based on sun exposure and the type of soil. Irrigation is always entrusted to a system, often automatic, which is managed independently, without having to depend on the owner himself. What you must first choose is the type of installation you want to install: teardrop, above ground, underground. In most cases an underground irrigation system is preferred because it is rather discreet and by connecting it to an automatic system it starts working at the appointed time. The evaluation and choice of an irrigation system must be related to the extension of the garden and to the plants that are planted in it and must also correspond to the customer's needs. A good irrigation system allows each plant to have the right amount of water daily. The importance of the irrigation system should never be underestimated and above all it should be put on a budget when deciding to design the garden. How many will have to make, or already have a well, can connect the irrigation system. Obviously, by entrusting the work to a specialized company you will not have to take care of anything at all, while if you proceed with the DIY some basic knowledge becomes fundamental to create an adequate project for the irrigation system.


The design of the irrigation system is a rather important phase because it allows to create the path that must be followed to install the same irrigation pipes. To carry out the work with greater care and care, it is always preferable that the plant is created when the garden is built. Depending on the size of the garden, different irrigation points will be required. If the extension exceeds 250 meters, it will be necessary to subdivide at least eight zones. When we talk about zoning we refer to the division into areas of space to have a sort of 'square' available so that we can better manage the irrigation system. The irrigation system will follow different procedures depending on whether it is an underground or above-ground system. The main difference between the two systems lies essentially in the fact that the above-ground system has pipes that are clearly visible, while the underground system is completely hidden and therefore offers a better aesthetic. The water pressure is another very important element since it is precisely this that allows the water itself to reach a certain distance. To mark the points of passage of the irrigation system you can use posts, which will then indicate the path to follow to carry out the excavation in which the irrigation pipes will pass. Let us not forget that not only do plants and flowers need proper irrigation, but also the same lawn so even if the garden were to have few species planted, irrigation will still be essential.

Design an irrigation system: Specialized design

Turning to a specialized company for the construction of an irrigation system, the times will be proportional to the size of the garden as well as the costs, which will also depend on the type of irrigation chosen. In advance, a quote can still be requested, although generally those who take care of the same garden take care of these jobs. If in reference to a given irrigation system you have doubts you can always ask for clarifications on the matter so that the irrigation system can perfectly match your needs.