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When we talk about roof gardens we are referring to a rather particular gardening sector, creating gardens on terraces, it is a very ancient technique that turned out to be rather interesting especially for those who live in the city. The garden is a rather important corner of greenery in the center of the metropolis, where it often becomes difficult to shelter in the shade of a tree because it is in any case overwhelmed by smog and chaos. The roof garden is situated high up and therefore its position already leads it to be distant from what is the life of the city. The garden is in effect a space that can also be used to relax and rest. The design always starts from a first subdivision of the space, if the garden will have rather small dimensions it is preferable not to exaggerate wanting to insert at all costs of the furnishing accessories. A well distributed space certainly also helps to give the garden a better look, as well as the choice of plants, flowers and even their disposition to recreate rather interesting areas. To design a roof garden you must have the adequate knowledge as it is a garden that must necessarily be equipped with a waterproofing system otherwise there is a risk of water infiltration. It is also essential for a garden to also have an irrigation system so it will be necessary that this system, including the lighting system, is always designed together with the garden.

Design on its own

Those who want to design a roof garden on their own must not only have the passion for gardening but must above all know the techniques for the realization. Water drainage is fundamental, which differs according to the type of roof garden chosen: intensive or extensive. Even the terraces that have a steep slope can have their own garden thanks to new and modern techniques. It is also important to choose the material, you must be able to buy top quality material and then not have problems later. Regarding the material, you can ask for advice at the store where you buy and if necessary also have more clarification if you have doubts about the installation. The choice of plants must be made keeping in mind the exposure of the terrace, in this way we will only purchase plants that will find their ideal place in that space. Even if you are fascinated by some plants, it is not always possible to include them in your roof garden if they do not have the characteristics necessary for that particular exposure, making a list certainly helps to better understand how they will be distributed. If you want to create a shaded area with plants, perhaps even where you eat, you will need a type of plant that becomes quite tall, while for flowery spaces you can give free rein to your imagination. Anyone wishing to follow a single color will tend to focus on flowers that will have roughly the same shade. There are no particular constraints to the choice of plants, each will choose the one that best suits the sun exposure of its garden and will also purchase what is necessary for its well-being: suitable soil, fertilizer.

Roof garden design: Rely on a company

Those who are not particularly familiar with the techniques for creating hanging gardens will do well to turn to a specialized company. In most cases the company is composed of a landscape architect, an agronomist and gardeners. The layout of the plants will be left to the architect and the agronomist and the care of the plants will be entrusted to the gardeners. As far as waterproofing is concerned, it will be carried out by workers. The design phase will also involve the customer, who will also provide indicative lines on the flowers and plants he wants to insert. Today, thanks to special programs, it is possible to see at the computer what the final work will be and eventually make changes. The realization is possible also in 3D, the design is a rather delicate realization phase to which it is necessary to pay a lot of attention, then it will be possible in this phase to change some details which would become much more difficult if you want to do it after having created the roof garden. The roof garden, like any other garden, needs special care and attention, so if you have little time to devote to it, or you don't really have a green thumb, it is better to entrust the management to a person specialized in this sector, to guarantee long survival for plants and flowers.


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