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The prefabricated car boxes allow to create, in any outdoor space, a safe shelter where to park the car. Being a prefabricated structure, it is sold already realized in this way. The market, in this sector, offers a wide range, for choice of materials, quality and sturdiness. Furthermore, the prefabricated boxes allow high practicality and this means that they become a necessary element for those who own a car. Vibrated reinforced concrete is a high-strength material, which gives the car garage the characteristic of strength. No maintenance is required and, being a prefabricated product, it can be disassembled and moved to another location at any time, or even transported for re-assembly in another city. The roof does not allow the passage of water and some models are also equipped with gutters that convey rainwater. The windows may be present or not, the opening of the door may be hinged or tilting, manual or even electric. For fixing to the ground, it is necessary to create a platform on which to place the box.

Types and materials: vibrated reinforced concrete

The vibrated reinforced concrete model can be defined as truly indestructible and very practical. The choice is made on the basis of one's own needs, furthermore the standard size is designed to allow easy parking of a car. Customization consists in choosing the opening and closing system; the manual one is also practical and comfortable, but the electric one is certainly more suitable to avoid getting wet during rainy days. Several prefabricated boxes can be purchased, if you have more than one car in your home or if you decide to use one as a garage or storage room for bicycles or something else. Most models have a small shelter, which allows you to stay sheltered if it rains, and in the meantime to open and close the door. Orienting yourself on a maxi model, you have a single entry in the box but the possibility of parking two cars at the same time. When buying a house it is possible that the garage is not provided, and therefore it is feared that one's cars could be damaged if left outside for a long time; in this case the prefab is the best solution compared to the hypothesis of building a masonry one, which obviously needs the relative concessions and has a certainly higher cost.

Types and materials: wood

The prefabricated car boxes are also made of wood: the choice of one material rather than another, also depends on the place where the box is to be placed. For those who have an outdoor space adjacent to their very large home, the wooden car garage could find a better agreement with the surrounding environment from an aesthetic point of view, while a model in vibrated reinforced concrete could be placed in an inconspicuous space. It is true that today most of the models are all well finished and of high quality, but wood is undoubtedly par excellence the natural material that is best placed in the environment. Obviously then it is a personal choice, since the quality in both cases is very high. The prefabricated wooden car garage is made entirely of wood, with some differences, based on the reference models. The prefabricated wooden car garage can also be open, ie it is a simple cover under which to park the car and not an enclosed space, so there is no door in it. Repair the car from the sun and weather, but certainly not from the bad guys. The wood used is treated to make it even more resistant and can be chosen in the shade of natural or colored wood. It is firmly fixed to the ground and this makes it very safe; it can be the size of a single car or it allows you to park more than one. The version of the wooden garage with the door looks like a real garage, in which there may also be a window that allows light and air to pass through. The door can also be opened manually or electrically.

Choice of the most suitable model

The models to choose from are really many, each with a specific peculiarity that also makes it pleasant to see. The roof is made in such a way that the water can flow into specially arranged gutters and therefore does not wet the side structure. The choice of a wooden garage also goes well with mountain landscapes, and the possibility of dismantling it really allows it to be placed anywhere.

Car boxes: Advantages of a prefabricated box

The prefabricated garage is the answer to those who seek shelter in the vicinity of their home for their car; another advantage is offered by the fact that, by purchasing the car garage, one owns it and this avoids additional costs, as happens for those who have to rent a garage. The only fundamental requirement that we must have, before buying it, is a place to place it.