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Water ponds

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The water ponds are small lakes that are also located within their own garden. They are very characteristic because, especially if they are well lit, they become a point, where to focus attention. Those who wish to have one in their own garden, however, will have to prevent the disturbance of unpleasant insects such as mosquitoes, which are particularly attracted to stagnant water. By not placing it too close to the dining area and using mosquito repellent plants and methods, this problem can be avoided. The pond becomes the best place, where you can also grow aquatic plants and then perhaps give your garden the imprint of a water garden. To choose the model that could best fit into your garden, you can go to a specialized store or take a ride on the internet.

How to build it

The garden pond, in addition to being able to buy it, can also be built personally, of course you must still have a minimum of familiarity and skill, and especially free time. First we need to define the place where to insert the lake and to avoid spaces where pipes pass and then to carry out excavation. The pond has its own weight so it is always necessary to check from the project that the chosen area is suitable. The bottom can be covered with a PVC sheet, which can also be purchased at DIY stores. Inside the pond, leaving a border, there will also be the possibility of inserting aquatic plants. The excavation will be of the shape and size that you want to give to the pond and the excess parts must be filled with mortar. On the side a small drainage channel is advisable when abundant rains occur, the drain must be conveyed into a gutter. The pond is not only an aesthetic element of the garden, but also becomes a small universe in which plants and fish are present. In order to create the right balance and to find their natural habitat, it is important to install a recirculation pump for water filtration. This serves to oxygenate the water and ensure that plants and fish can survive longer. The pond is a very interesting work that although it may seem difficult to achieve by following the right directions and choosing the most suitable materials, it will certainly be a great satisfaction to present to your friends.

Prefabricated pond

The garden pond can also be purchased at a specialized store, these are models that are already ready for use and will only have to be placed inside the excavation. While in the 'artisanal' pond, the bottom was covered, in this case it is a tank that is laid down and fixed. Once filled with water, the pump must be put into operation, which also in this case has the task of filtering the water. Inside the tank there are steps that allow you to lay down the aquatic plants. The pond can then be completed with fish. The drainage channel here serves to drain the excess water that accumulates during heavy rains. The tub is designed to be quite durable and has an unlimited shelf life. It can have different sizes, even if the most sold models are those with rather small dimensions.


The cost of a garden water pond varies primarily based on the choice of buying it at a store or making it yourself. The cost of the excavation is proportional to the size of the same and the same is true for the pond purchased at a specialized sales point. The size and quality of the pump can affect the cost, and this can also be purchased separately. Even if purchased at a store, the pond must still be installed personally and all instructions must also be followed carefully to ensure it is fully functional. The shop where we turned for the purchase will also supply any spare parts and will also provide useful information on its assembly.

Where to buy

The water pond can be purchased at an outdoor goods store or at a gardening center, the PVC sheet, to make the bottom waterproof, when it is self-made, it is generally sold at all points of sale for the do-it-yourself.

Water ponds: garden design: Water ponds on the Internet

If you have set yourself the goal of placing the classic water ponds in your green corner, you just can't do without our advice. We are in a context, in fact, capable of reserving many more pitfalls than you might think, in light of the fact, first of all, that you will have to be very careful if there are children at home.
That being said, the first aspect worth considering is the choice between artificial and natural ponds, with the latter, by force of circumstances, decidedly more beautiful to see than the former. Other aspects to be strongly considered, refer to the possibility of focusing on marginal elements, as in the case of fountains and waterfalls.


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