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When we talk about water games we are referring to everything that can create movement mainly using the water element. Inside a garden, water is a rather important natural element, even if it is not specifically a water garden, the flow of the same creates a pleasant natural sound that allows you to recreate a rather special atmosphere it's interesting. The fountain plays a purely ornamental role with the presence of rather peculiar water features, which depend very much on the shape of the fountain itself. In some cases the water can flow from the top to the bottom, or from the bottom to the top. In both cases, the water play is continuous, always using the same water. The choice of a waterfall, whether natural or in plastic, creates another particular play of water 'the jump', because once the water reaches the top, pushed by a pump, it falls down creating this particular effect to then continue to flow like a stream or reach a collection container. The same stream that is visually formed creates a very pleasant effect, because the same continuous sound allows to have an area in which it will also be possible to relax.

How to make them

Water games can be installed as furnishing accessories for the garden but can also be an integral part of the pool itself. For this reason, it is necessary to make a clear distinction referring first of all in particular to the water games related to garden furnishing accessories and then to those related to the swimming pool. As far as garden furnishing complements are concerned, the water features inside the fountain and the waterfall are mainly identified, as they are two important structures that not only serve to fill the unused space inside a garden but also to focus attention on a piece of furniture so particular that it will certainly be embellished by an adequate lighting system. When buying the fountain, always remember that it must be an ornamental fountain, so ask the seller what are the water features that the fountain produces. On the market there are an infinite number of fountain models, this precisely to offer any customer the answer to the model they are looking for, for water play but also for size. It is important to establish a space in advance where it is necessary to place the fountain so that the water features are immediately visible as soon as you enter the garden. The fountain in this case becomes a piece of furniture that can be left in operation even during the winter period. In case you want to have a more relaxing water game, you can decide to find your way around the falls, the latter will produce a very pleasant effect both visually and from a sound point of view because being a natural element it will be very pleasant to recreate an area relax next to the waterfalls of your own garden. In reference to the water games that can be installed inside a swimming pool, it is necessary to go to the authorized dealers who have all kinds of water games. Often these games are present inside the large water parks, but on the market it is also possible to find reduced models that can be installed inside your own private pool.


As for water games, lighting is essential if you want them to be admired even at night. Expertly installing adequate lighting will certainly help to create a very special visual effect as well as highlighting the beauty of the same element within the garden. Relying on a specialized company that also deals with water games, lighting will be chosen by the customer but certainly recommended by experts, all this to make the garden even more pleasant and interesting. Light is able to create pleasant atmospheres in the garden, and in the silence of the dark hours, the flowing of water certainly enlivens the environment. In this way, paying particular attention to every detail, the garden becomes a well-kept place as if it were your own home, carefully and tastefully choosing all the furnishings and all the accessories, a space with every comfort that can be truly unique if completed with taste.

Water games: garden design: Water games on the Net

Have you chosen to finally explore a topic like that of water games? Then you will find the information regarding such a specific topic very useful, such as the ones you will come across in this section, also because we are talking about a factor that is certainly not found in all gardens.
The water games, in fact, are usually designed for a more "public" context, also because of dimensions that are certainly not indifferent. However, there are also filters designed mainly for private homes, especially taking into consideration those whose movement of the water is definitely reminiscent of the decorations placed on Christmas trees. In short, a topic to be studied.


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