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Gas barbecue

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The gas barbecue is a very particular model introduced in Italy for several years, and which immediately achieved considerable success, because it avoids the waste of time for lighting the coal, and solves the problem of having to add more if you want to roast more meat. In fact, in the lower part, it is equipped with a small cylinder, connected by means of a tube to a flame spreader, which, lighting up, heats the lava stones that surround it, and this allows the heat to spread evenly. Meat or any other food is cooked in exactly the same way as a classic barbecue. The flame regulation allows to have a more or less high heat intensity. In some cases, the barbecue is equipped with a lid for closing, on the outside of which there is also a temperature indicator, thanks to which the heat inside increases considerably in order to allow a more rapid cooking of the food. In the versions with double grid, we have the presence of a grid in direct contact with the lava stones, and another smaller one placed above: the first will be used for cooking foods that require more time and a degree of heat higher, the other one, instead, will be used for delicate foods or to keep what has already been cooked warm.

Constituent elements

The average size of a gas barbecue allows for a grill suitable for many people. The gas system is considered quite safe and it also allows you to have a barbecue with a side stove that can be used for cooking. On the other hand, it can have a convenient shelf for the support of barbecue tools, and everything is well designed to ensure that those who enjoy barbecues have everything they need available. It is actually an indestructible barbecue, provided it is properly treated.


The external structure, although designed to integrate into the environment, should not be left in the garden and exposed to rain. The closing lid, while avoiding the passage inside small animals, would still filter the water and the structure would end up ruining. The model with wheels is very practical, allowing easy movement, for example in a sheltered area. If you leave it under a pergola, you can protect it by covering it with plastic. The cylinder can be left in the special housing as long as it is not connected, because, thanks to the closing valve, when the barbecue is switched off, the gas has no way to escape.


The grill can be cleaned in two ways: by removing it and washing it directly with soap and water, and replacing it in its place only after making sure that it is completely dry, or using a steel brush, to quickly eliminate all the residues of the previous cooking . This is done when the grill is not inserted to prevent dirt from falling on the lava stones. The lava stones, due to the fat that drips, tend to darken and get dirty over time. For this reason, from time to time it is necessary to remove and wash them, leaving them to soak in a tub with water and putting them back in their place only when they are perfectly dry. When cleaning the gas barbecue, care must be taken not to damage the stones which are also very delicate and tend to break easily. If you follow all the instructions for proper maintenance, the barbecue can last for many years. Aggressive substances must be avoided inside the barbecue as well as the detergent, which could corrode the structure itself.

Gas barbecue: Duration

The particularity of this model is that it can be used in any area of ​​the garden because it does not have a fixed base. Who has a large terrace can decide to move it to this area when autumn begins to come. The gas cylinder has a duration proportional to the use of the barbecue itself, and especially if you also use the stove, it is advisable to always have a spare gas cylinder to avoid having to postpone the barbecue with friends. The external structure made of steel makes the barbecue aesthetically very pleasant, as well as very durable and easy to clean. At the time of purchase it is necessary to ask for any information on the maintenance procedures, and eventually the same retailer will also be able to supply spare parts. The larger the gas barbecue the greater the cost, much also depends on how it is equipped. Taking it of the appropriate size will also allow it to be moved more easily into space. The models equipped with a double grill, even if small, guarantee to cook a quantity of food such as to serve it hot for the whole family, even if, if there were more people, it will be necessary to alternate the cooking to avoid the dishes being served cold.