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Garden gnomes are a very common type of statue in gardens. They can be purchased individually or even together with Snow White. They are placed in green spaces, perhaps under a plant or in a corner of the garden that has remained bare. The garden dwarfs are sculptures made of plastic, terracotta, or ceramic. All three of these materials are however resistant if placed outside, but in any case they must be fixed to the ground to prevent the wind from damaging them.

Classic and original structure

The dwarf is a small, colorful statue, represented with a white beard and a red cap. In this case, we refer to the structure of the classical garden dwarf, but in the market it is also possible to find statues of dwarfs dressed in coats of various colors. The expression of garden dwarfs is usually cheerful, over time this statue has also taken on different expressions and different poses. Moreover, the garden gnome, together with the function of statue, can also associate that of a lamp. Thanks to the new solar energy lamp systems, beside the nano, a small solar cell is positioned, which captures the sun's rays and then transforms the heat collected into energy and causes the lamp, placed at the end of the dwarf , light up.


The history of garden gnomes began in the 18th century in Germany, when Sir Charles Isham imported twenty-one terracotta figures from England and inserted them into his garden. From then on the habit of embellishing the garden with these statues began to be perpetrated. This cute gnome is still considered a garden statue capable of reviving its external space. There are those who prefer to buy all seven dwarfs, those who prefer to take only a couple, perhaps depicting a rather particular pose. Over time this statue could also become discolored, and then it will be necessary to repaint it in order to revive it.

Call to the world of fantasy

Probably, over time it has been decided to continue the tradition of inserting garden dwarfs precisely because they represent an element that belongs to the world of fantasy, because they are linked to the fable of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, an imaginative story that still fascinates children today. That is why garden gnomes continue to attract so much interest. These are statues that among other things, beyond the chosen material, still have a fairly accessible cost, which increases if the garden nano also acts as a lamp. Some prefer to place them on bases cut from trunks of cut trees, others instead place them directly on the ground. They represent a type of decoration that manages to put the garden observer in a good mood. The owner himself, after the first purchase, may feel 'overwhelmed' by the desire to buy the entire collection. Thus it seems to make a small fairy garden, where the gnomes are hiding in the bushes.

Symbols brings good luck

Among other things, the gnome, the sprite or the elf have become symbols brings good fortune, therefore, together with the aesthetic factor we can also unite the one linked to the popular tradition. It might also be interesting to think of giving garden gnomes as a fortune. There are also those who say that these statues are placed in the garden with the function of defending the house. On the dwarf legend and popular culture come together, the fact remains that garden dwarfs are an outdoor furnishing accessory that many find interesting.

Where to buy

They can be bought in gardening stores, large shopping centers, but also in shops that deal with outdoor furniture. An element that undoubtedly distinguishes its own garden, which however may not find everyone's consent, as some prefer to have a very minimalist garden. Since the choice of inserting or not the garden dwarfs is entirely personal, everyone must feel free to surround himself with what he likes, so that he can have an outdoor space that can also reflect his personality.

Joy and color

In any case, garden gnomes bring joy with their bright colors, bringing a touch of color even when the winter gray strips the plants leaving the green space unadorned. Those who do not want to fix garden gnomes to the ground, to be able to place them inside the house during the winter, can use them as a statue behind a veranda, and the effect will certainly be more interesting if the garden gnome will also have a lamp that lights up. On the basis of this it can be noted that the garden nano is however a strongly decorative element, in particular for the external space, which will capture the attention of anyone and not only of the little ones. A purchase that cannot be surpassed by any other similar statue, considering that they continue to survive in Italian gardens since the 18th century.

Garden gnomes: garden furniture: Dwarfs in the garden

Dwarfs in tradition are salvific and magical elements; in some countries they represent a cultural heritage and are considered lucky charms.
In the garden they become a nice piece of furniture, able for their colors to give new life to the garden, to the satiated and to the green.
They are placed in a scattered way in the garden, so as to create a path that makes them visible.
The garden dwarfs are nothing more than nice gnomes that are placed in many gardens especially to make them less formal.
They are mainly made of plastic, ceramic or terracotta.
Those in ceramics and in terracotta are obviously more delicate and can therefore be subject to greater wear and deterioration, as well as breaking or splintering with ease.


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