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The street (Ethiopian zanthedeschia) are rhizomatous plants native to Africa, cultivated in Europe for centuries.
White calla lilies are vigorous and rustic plants, which stand up well
to be grown outdoors even in areas with harsh winter weather; the large rhizomes are placed dwelling in a good rich soil, well worked, and watered quite regularly,
avoiding to leave the soil constantly wet, as the rhizomes fear excessive humidity. They are positioned in a partially shaded place, and generally do not fear the cold; if we fear that they suffer during the winter,
We mulch the soil well at the base of the leaves, so as to preserve the rhizomes.
Instead, colored calla lilies are hybrids of less rustic varieties than white calla lilies, which is why they are grown outdoors
only in areas with mild winters; the rhizomes fear temperatures below 5-8 ° C, therefore in areas with cool climate they are cultivated in ivnerno as house plants.
As with so many bulbous plants,
during the winter months also the streets go in total vegetative rest, and the aerial part dries up; in autumn we can then unearth the rhizomes, and keep them in a dark, dry and cool place, until the end of winter, when we will reposition them.