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Typical Italian Christmas decoration, the Nativity delight small and large; tradition comes from antiquity, when the crib was used as an element of evangelization, to explain to everyone the magic of Christmas with simplicity. The Crib is a miniature reconstruction of the birth of Jesus, so even in the smallest Crib should find a place all the elements that make up this moment, as told in the Gospels. Then the Holy Family is positioned in the reconstruction of a cave, or of a small poor building, with an ox and donkey nearby; on the building stands the Comet Star and in front of the cave the Magi Kings with their gifts. The setting is bucolic and pastoral, so nearby there are statuettes of shepherds and small animals, or even wanting elements that constitute country life, such as the mill, the fountain, the haystacks, and all that to the imagination of everyone seems indicated. To simulate the grass we use moss, or even green fabric; to simulate the sky a background of blue paper with small stars.