Impregnating treatment

Impregnating treatment

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Impregnating treatment:

The impregnating treatments are practiced on the wood to make it more resistant to bad weather, such as frost, rain and sunlight. They are therefore practiced on wooden parts that are exposed outdoors.
Before proceeding, let's get a pair of resistant DIY gloves and prepare the area where we will use the product with plastic sheeting or sheets of newspaper, so as to avoid dripping on the floor or objects.
The impregnating agent spreads over unpainted wood, and allows the grain to be clearly visible.
There are many types of impregnating paint on the market, most are quite toxic, so it is definitely advisable to spread the product in a well-ventilated place.
Before proceeding we prepare our wood by passing it completely with fine sandpaper, in order to adjust the surface and remove any traces of dirt or previous wax-based treatments. After having thoroughly passed the entire surface of the wood, thoroughly clean using a cloth soaked in diluted ammonia or white spirit, so as to completely remove the dust created by the sandpaper and any residual dirt.
At this point the wood appears smooth and slightly opaque, with the veins and natural porosity completely exposed.
We proceed to treat the wood with the impregnant, using a brush that is not too large; we remind you that the impregnating products are very fluid and the wood tends to absorb them in good quantity, therefore we avoid to excessively soak the brush, but let it lightly drain after dipping it in the jar of the impregnating product. We spread the product with crossed movements, in order to be sure of reaching every point of the wood; after a first treatment we wait for the impregnation to dry and then repeat the operation at least once.


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