How to fix a climbing rose

How to fix a climbing rose

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How to fix a climbing rose:

Climbing roses need to be grown near a wall or a trellis, or other support, to which they are fixed during their development. Like all other roses, climbing plants also develop floral buds only on new branches. Generally this type of roses tends to develop new branches near the curves of old branches; therefore when we fix the flexible branches to the lattice we remember to create the greatest number of loops and arches possible, so as to favor the development of numerous new branches, and therefore an abundant flowering. To fix the branches to the lattice we can use raffia, or even rubberized wire, so as to avoid ruining the thin bark that covers the branches of roses. We fix all the branches, positioning a sufficient number of anchor points, so that the plant is well laid out, avoiding leaving the tips of the branches dangling from the trellis.