Graft to shield

Graft to shield

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Graft to shield:

Also known as bud or eye graft, the shield graft is one of the easiest and most likely to take root; during the summer months the so-called is practiced graft to shield a dormant gem. We proceed by preparing a healthy and well developed rootstock, from a branch of a year, already lignified, we remove the small branches and the foliage, leaving it clean for about 30-40 cm, it is better to leave at least a couple of leaves in the dir dirmi underlying the future graft, so that they act as tiralinfa, to better nourish the graft in the following weeks. Then the graft is removed, removing a well-developed bud from a healthy and robust plant, which is taken by cutting a small oval shield of the wood surrounding the bud with the grafting knife. At this point a t-shaped incision is made on the rootstock, which goes to carve only the bark, with the blade of the grafting knife we ​​raise the upper edges of the t slightly and insert the shield of the graft below these flaps. At this point, with grafting thread or raffia, we are going to tie the edges, so that they adhere to the nest in the best way; we cover with graft putty, to keep the moisture below the bark, and to avoid favoring the development of fungal diseases.