Isabelle Autissier

Isabelle Autissier

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LARGE FLOWERS ROSEIsabelle Autissier

News 2000
The Isabelle Autissier is a rose capable of forming a splendid bush with large flowers. It is a sumptuous rose, romantic in style. The cup shape of the flower is reminiscent of the magnolia. It presents a very healthy and vigorous vegetation and an excellent resistance to diseases. Its aroma is slightly fruity. Also suitable for cutting.

Isabelle Autissier: Cultivation

The best time to plant the rose Isabelle Autissier runs from November to March for roses grown in the open ground while all year for those grown in pots. Before October it is better not to perform any type of repotting of the plant so that it reaches a good maturity and resistance. Subsequently, it will be possible to proceed with the repotting.
It is important never to plant the Isabelle Autissier where previously another rose already grew without having first changed the soil or having waited 6 months so that the earth could rest. If it is not possible to do otherwise, change the soil to a depth of 40 cm and a width of 60 cm to allow good plant growth.
Avoid planting roses in the open ground too close to each other.