Euroflora 2006

Euroflora 2006

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Euroflora 2006

One of the most important botanical exhibitions in Europe reaches its ninth edition; the show offered to visitors by the approximately fifteen hectares of exhibition certainly repaid them fully for the five years of waiting. This year the theme of the exhibition is water, in the form of a fountain, waterfall or small aquatic garden; already at the entrance of the Palasport an imposing waterfall, 25 meters high, is the background to a blaze of azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom; among citrus fruits of every species full of fruits we also admire hydrangeas and annual flowers, near the reconstruction of a tropical forest, immersed in a thin fog tree ferns and small shrubs with delicate branches.
The particularity of Euroflora is the arrangement of the plants: all the plants, rare or common, are arranged in small settings or reconstructions of gardens; we can therefore appreciate every essence as it appears in nature, in the Japanese garden, for example, or in the gardens of succulents in countries with a dry hot climate.
Many competitions and competitions, which reward the best landscape architects, as in the "Gardens for dreaming" event, but also breeders, gardeners and flower growers.
Among the many attractions we recall that at Euroflora it is possible to admire a rarity in the botanical field, recently discovered, it is the Wollemia nobilis, a conifer discovered a few years ago in Australia, in the Wollemi National Park, which was thought to be now extinct. Among the cut flowers the presence of the rose of new hybridization dedicated to the Madonna, Rosa Mystica, produced by the Ligurian floriculturists stands out.
Inside Euroflora also take place Flortec, a showroom for equipment and professional and amateur products for nursery gardening, and Florcasa, an international exhibition of garden furnishings and accessories.

Walking through Euroflora

Many curiosities and even rare plants, but also shrubs and small plants that take place in our gardens.
Of particular interest is the port of spices: to honor and remember the glories of Genoa, when the Maritime Republics competed for spice supply routes, a small port was rebuilt in the port area, with a particular exposure of all spices from faraway countries, starting from cocoa and coffee, originating in America and the Middle East; near the harbor are beautiful gardens of aromatic plants, expertly mixed, and also examples of gardens and gardens with a Mediterranean climate, with common and rare plants mixed.
Among the gardens that most impress the visitor, we remember, inside the sports hall, installations almost completely made up of bromeliads or succulents, which with their shapes and colors manage to amaze even the most experienced gardeners.
Almost like inside a botanical garden it is difficult to describe which are the major attractions: surely the great specimens of succulents, the small water gardens, the arrangements with exotic orchids are striking; but even more common plants, such as rhododendrons and cornus florida, leave us speechless, with incredible blooms and almost unreal colors.
Noteworthy are the exhibits with really remarkable Bonsai specimens, both small and large.
The exhibition space, although immense, has unfortunately sometimes penalized some installations, positioned in poorly lit places.

During Euroflora

Inside Euroflora, an area completely dedicated to shopping has also been set up, where visitors can purchase plants and flowers seen in the stands; there are also many special initiatives: for example, we remember that in pavilion C the "C" dream and the Belloni & Belloni Group organize a series of finger food aperitifs based on edible flowers and aromatic herbs.
The selected dates are: Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th, Friday 28th, and Saturday 29th April, from 6.00pm to 9.00pm.
During the days of Euroflora it is also possible to visit the gardens of the villas located in the Municipality of Genoa and in the neighboring municipalities. There are many other exhibitions and events organized for the occasion, a complete list is available on the website dedicated to the event
Euroflora takes place in the Fiera di Genova area, from 21 April to 1 May 2006.

Euroflora 2006: