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The common name of this flower, Acetosella, derives from the "acid" and slightly sour taste of the leaves of the plant, which in ancient times were used just as a condiment for salads. The slender posture and apparently fragile, as well as the characteristic that distinguishes the Acetosella, that is to say the folding in on itself during the rains or the strong wind as to protect itself, have determined the meaning that in the language of the flowers is associated with the plant : protection and motherly love.

Acetosella: Virtosa of acetosella

Of the sleeping beauty or sleeping clover as it is commonly called the sorrel if they make many uses in the kitchen, it gives flavor to the salad with its sour note.
This herbaceous plant that grows wild in our fields in the semi-shaded areas is rich in vitamin C, mucilage and oxalic acid; Thanks to these active ingredients it has a diuretic, purifying and decongestant effect on the body.


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