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A flower originating from South America, particularly in Peru. For this reason it is also called Peruvian lily. This flower blooms in bunches carried on long fleshy stems; easily cultivable also in the garden, where small bulbs can be placed, Alstroemeria find more and more space also in bouquets and bouquets. There are various colors, from golden yellow to bright red, composed of 6 petals 3 in solid colors and 3 always variegated and dotted with dark colors. Also known as the lily of the Inca where it symbolized the victory of good in tribal rites, adding to other flowers in bouquets means devotion.

Alstroemeria: Characteristics of the Astromeria

The flowering of the Astrometry varies depending on the variety, if there are more than 200, there are plants with spring flowering and plants that bloom in the middle of summer. This perennial bulbous plant can be placed both in sunny areas and in semi-shaded areas, there are dwarf varieties that find a perfect location within the rock gardens given the small space that the bulb occupies, the long-stemmed varieties give flowers to cut for our homes. In winter the plant disappears completely to return full of life in spring.


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