Rowan tree - Sarbus aucuparia

Rowan tree - Sarbus aucuparia

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Name: Sorbus aucuparia L.
Harvest: The fruits in late summer, the seeds are extracted from the fruits.
Properties: The fruits are diuretics and astringents, the seeds are antidiarrheal.
Family: Rosaceae
Common names: Sorbus rosso, wild rowan, tremolina, tamarin.
Habitat: Alpine and Apennine areas up to 1700 meters high.
Parts used: Seeds and burping.

Sorbo of the birders - Sarbus aucuparia: Property

Conservation: The fruits are consumed fresh, the seeds are dried in the sun and stored in closed containers.
Use: Internal use: juice, syrup and fruit jam; external use: decoctions of fruits for rinses and gargles against inflammation of the skin and throat.
Notes: The fruits of this plant (which owes its name to the fact that the birds are particularly fond of them) are not edible raw.