Strawberry tree - Arbutus unedo

Strawberry tree - Arbutus unedo

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Name: Arbustus unedo L.
Harvest: Leaves from May to August; the bark in the following months.
Properties: Diuretic, anti-inflammatory, depurative, antiseptic.
Family: Ericaceae.
Common names: Fragolon, red pomino, elioni, scream, tyrosetto, waxy marine, musta.

Strawberry tree - Arbutus unedo: Property

Habitat: In the flat areas with mild climate.
Parts used: Fruits, leaves, bark and roots.
Conservation: the fruits are consumed fresh, the bark and the roots must be dried in the sun.
Use: Decoctions and infusions of the roots and leaves for internal use, fruit jam.
Notes: From the fermentation of the fruits we obtain the "Strawberry tree wine", consumed above all in Sardinia and in Corsica.