Mallow - Malva silvestris

Mallow - Malva silvestris

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Name: Malva silvestris L.
Harvest: The leaves in the summer, immediately after the roots, while the leaves from April to October.
Properties: Pectoral, diuretic, laxative, emollient, sedative.
Family: Malvaceous.
Common names: Melba, madrignola, marva, varmetta, riondella.
Habitat: In the uncultivated up to 1200 meters high.
Parts used: Flowers, leaves and roots.

Malva - Malva silvestris: Property

Conservation: The roots must be dried in the sun or in the oven, the leaves and flowers must instead be dried away from sunlight and then stored in glass jars.
Use: Infusions and decoctions of leaves and flowers for the preparation of rinses and gargles; infusions of leaves and flowers for external use.
Notes: The mallow was used until a few years ago for the home preparation of emollient and anti-wrinkle night creams. It can also be used to strengthen hair and to prepare cough teas.