Crispigno delle campi - Sonchus arvensis

Crispigno delle campi - Sonchus arvensis

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Name: Sonchus arvensis L.
Harvest: The leaves in March, the roots in October.
Properties: Diuretic, hypoglycemic, digestive, laxative, depurative.
Family: Composite.
Common names: Attaccalepre, crepe, cicebite.
Habitat: Perennial herbaceous plant that grows spontaneously in all conditions up to 2000 meters.

Crispigno delle campi - Sonchus arvensis: Property

Parts used: Roots and leaves.
Conservation: The roots must be dried for a day in the sun, the leaves, instead, for a long time, in an airy place.
Use: Infusions and decoctions for internal use.
Notes: The roots, roasted, are used in some areas as a substitute for coffee, while the leaves, if picked yet tender, are used for the preparation of soups and salads.