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New garden

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Question: New garden

Good morning
we are buying a new home, now under construction, and we are
planning the construction of the garden (at an angle, about 80 square meters). But first we have
a technical question. The soil thickness of the garden is about 25-30 cm (below is a
floor of the basement). We would like to ask, because of your experience, whether the grass for the garden (located to the south-east) can be cultivated effectively and of what type, which precautions and preliminary techniques you recommend us.

New garden: Answer: New garden

Dear Stefano,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions about the new garden, via the Expert's column.
The study and research of the plants to be placed in a garden must be done in a way that satisfies our aesthetic taste, performs an ornamental function and is easy to maintain.
The choice is a bit difficult if we have space, terrain and brightness limitations.
In his case, 30 cm of layer of soil, the study must be articulated because there can be crossed problems (plant development and root growth that must not compromise the estate of the underlying underground level).
Certainly you have the conditions to develop a turf, even if maintenance and irrigation will be demanding, also because in summer the slab creates heat that could dry the sown essences.
As plants, certainly the tall trees are not recommended, but some shrubs (forsythia, rose, jasmine) could be put. Borders and flower beds are very good.
The best advice is to contact an experienced nurseryman in the area who has a beautiful catalog of plants that adapt well to his reality and that do not have a large root development that could compromise the compactness of the floor (such as the wisteria).
Yours sincerely.


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