Lauro with powdery mildew

Lauro with powdery mildew

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Question: White Mal on the Lauro

What to do to avoid the blight on the laurel hedge, located in the hills at an altitude of 400 meters in Valpellice (Piedmont). Thank you for your kind attention, I await your reply as soon as possible.
Gianluigi Crabu Turin

Lauro with oidium: Answer: White Mal on the Laurel

Egr. Mr. Crabu
Thank you for contacting us. About the problem that affects your plants.
The Oidium commonly called "white mal" for the typical manifestation of the fungus given by the white mold is one of the typical malattatte of the species and of the similar Lauroceraso particularly in wet years.
The products commonly used for the fight against this fungus are based on sulfur, however it is necessary to take into account the classical agronomic interventions such as pruning and settling of the soil.
If the infestation is very rooted, we advise to intervene in time (raising temperatures) and cadence at 15 days in the spring period.
Asking you to follow the recommendations of use that you will find on the label,
Yours sincerely.