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How to recognize the Kiwi

How to recognize the Kiwi

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Question: Kiwi male or female?

Four years ago, maybe even five, I bought a kiwi plant. The plant is growing well but I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing a fruit. When I bought it I asked for the couple (male and female), but I was told that the plant was self-fertile. Now I find myself with a beautiful vigorous plant but I cannot understand if it is male or female (does not make flowers). Please, can you solve my dilemma? Thank you for your welcome and see you soon. Carlo Macchitella

How to recognize the Kiwi: Answer: Kiwi male or female?

As for the Kiwi it cannot be self-fertile as it is a DIOIC plant (different male and female individuals) and usually a male specimen is planted with more females in a ratio 1/6, 1/8); both specimens make flowers, the feminine ones are yellowish white and quite showy (4-5 cm diameter), the masculine ones a little smaller.
If his plant does not make flowers I doubt very much that it can also bear fruit, so I suggest that you buy a male and more females.


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