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Question: Jasmine

Hi, it's Laura.
A week or so ago, I bought jasmine, now I noticed that the flowers are no longer white (not all), some are turning brown, for what reason?
Should it be fertilized during this period, if there is with what kind of fertilizer? I have the plant at home, do I have to take it outdoors? and if it still rains, should I keep it indoors?
I thank you if you want to answer me, if you have any other advice ... tell me well, because I really like plants and above all make them last.

Jasmine: Answer: Jasmine

It is a matter of establishing what kind of jasmine it is.
If it is a jasmine officinale (a white flower) it is a rustic, deciduous plant that grows well outdoors, in a sunny area, with any type of soil, provided it is well drained.
If its plant is instead a jasminum nudiflorum (also called San Giuseppe jasmine), with a yellow flower, there should be no problems. It is in fact a rustic plant that grows well even against walls facing north.
The other types of jasmine must be grown in sheltered locations.
As for fertilizing, they are generally not necessary. However, if the plant is in pot, I advise you to do so with a slow release fertilizer that releases the nutrients in the soil over a long period of time (3-6 months).