Repellent dogs

Repellent dogs

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Question: Dog repellent

Dear editor, I have known your site recently and I would like to tell you about my problem. I live in Rome and I have 2 large 11-month-old dogs that live on a 90 square meter terrace. In this terrace all around I put 1 m cassettes with leiland cypresses and in the boxes bordering the wall of the house I planted a bougainvillea and new sperm (I hope you write like that. Dogs have targeted the sperm up to completely eradicate it. they also won against a wire mesh that I had covered to cover the vessel hoping it would discourage them. Instead it was not so. bring closer or better yet if there is someone who can advise me on a remedy?
Please kindly send me an answer considering that on the terrace there are other re-leads completely ignored by them. Thanks

Dog Repellent: Answer: Dog Repellent

Dear Sofia,
the correct name of the plant is Rhyncospermum (or also Trachelospermum) jasminoides. In the market there is a repulsive substance for dogs and cats that is usually sprayed on the wheels of cars or on tree trunks to dissuade animals from their habits and needs. This product can also be sprayed on planters or directly on the woody parts of the aforementioned plain. The product is called REPULSIV and is sold in spray cans ranging from 250 ml to 7.300 lbs (shipping costs excluded).


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