Crumpled hydrangea leaves

Crumpled hydrangea leaves

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Question: Crushing of hydrangea leaves

I would like to know what can cause the crumpling and irregular shape of the hydrangea leaves since the bud opens up. Thanks

Crumpled hydrangea leaves: Answer: Crushing of the hydrangea leaves

Dear Diego,
not seeing the photo is a bit difficult to make a diagnosis. Crumpling can be caused by lack of water or, being also affected by the bud, by insect bites, called Mirids (eg Lygus rugulipennis and Lygocoris pabulinus), green or brown about 6 mm, which bite the apices of the buds to suck the sap. During this operation they introduce their saliva which is toxic to the plant and kills the tissues, deforming them.
In this case I advise you to remove plant debris and at the first symptoms treat with insecticides based on dimethoate, phenitrothion or natural pyrethrum.
In any case, regularly water and apply appropriate fertilizer for Hydrangeas.