Christmas tree

Christmas tree

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Question: Christmas tree

Could you help me save my Christmas tree that I've been on the terrace for two years and suddenly lost a lot of needles even though it's putting new twigs?

Christmas tree: Answer: Christmas tree

Dear Antonella,
probably your spruce must be repotted or placed outside.
A) If you have a garden where to plant it plant it when the soil is not frozen possibly in a not too sunny area. When choosing the area where to plant it, remember that the fir can reach 20 meters in height and over and 10 in width. Here's how to proceed:
1) prepare a deep hole once and a half the height of the plate;
2) place draining material on the bottom (eg gravel, pumice stone, ...) over which you lay a layer of sand (about 5 cm);
3) prepare a soil composed of half sand and half of earth;
4) place the plant in the hole and fill with the soil, making sure that the earth penetrates well to the bottom;
5) tread the earth with the foot and wet the soil well;
6) remember to wet the plant once every fortnight and in summer once a week until the plant is well rooted.
B) If, on the other hand, you do not have a garden or prefer to keep the plant in a pot, it is better to repot your fir tree in a larger pot, using a soil composed half of earth and half sand.
It is not necessary to fertilize the earth, at least as long as the plant does not take root.