Plant recognition

Plant recognition

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Question: Plant recognition

In my wanderings on Vesuvius, I came across a bulbous plant with leaves similar to blades of grass, with white flowers that are coming out at this time and with a bulb with a strong smell of garlic. Could you help me classify it by name?
Thank you

Plant recognition: Answer: Plant recognition

Dear Antonio,
Thank you for contacting us about your doubt about the name of the plant through the Expert's address book.
From the description sent to us and not having a photographic response, it is not very easy to identify the name of your plant.
From the information provided by us we can certainly associate the plant with the Liliaceae genus family of 280 species of bulbous plants, most of which are found in the spontaneous state in the northern hemisphere.
Many species have the typical smell of garlic and in his case the name of the plant could be Allium napolitanum typical of the Mediterranean areas, height of 30-40 cm, the leaves are ribbon-like and thick. The white, starry flowers appear from March to May, gathered in umbrellas 5-7 cm wide. This species is hardy only in areas with a mild climate.
With best regards